About Me

For as long as I can remember, I was always happiest working on projects around the home.   Our weekends were often focused on decorating and making improvements to the interior and exterior of our house.  My Dad is a civil engineer and through him, I developed an appreciation for the practical aspects of building and renovating. I developed a passion for decorating a home from my mother.  Her thrifty approach to creating simple and tasteful décor to complement our home for each season inspires me to this day.  I could not wait for the time when one day I would eventually build, renovate and decorate my own home!

As a young professional, I rented my first apartment in NYC and was so excited to finally have the opportunity to create my own space.  However, operating on a tight budget, it was challenging to fulfill my vision shopping in conventional furniture and design shops.   I quickly learned that I needed to be resourceful as I created my home and recognized an opportunity to repurpose furniture that my family no longer wanted.  I turned their unwanted items into something that complemented my style and made the apartment inviting for guests.  Mindful of my budget, I learned to paint and stain furniture, re-upholster chairs and creatively take other’s unwanted items and give it some flare while maintaining functionality.  This passion of reusing and reinventing furniture continued as I moved into my first home with my husband in Marblehead, MA.  I have a strong appreciation for the design details found in the historic town and took great pleasure in taking old furniture and reviving it to complement my home’s style and “make it my own”.   

In recent years, I began to experiment with decorative paints, stains, wax, etc.  I discovered the Caromal Colours product line and was impressed with how easy it was to use and the product’s versatility and durability.  In 2010, I decided to take a training workshop with Caromal Colours in Mechanicsburg, PA. I loved the training, company, and product lines. I started building my inventory of paint and furniture and continued practicing.  

RestorDecor speaks to what I love: a resourceful way to decorate your home and complement your style.  Reuse, renew, revive and restore – that’s what RestorDecor is all about.  

Why RestorDecor?

I offer a fun and collaborative experience where people feel comfortable sharing their vision and needs.  I hope to share with you my love of reusing, renewing and transforming home furnishings and accessories.

I do not believe that “one style fits all”. People’s homes and accessories are personal and with the busy lives so many of us lead, I want to help people make their home a peaceful sanctuary to return to after that hectic day.  

RestorDecor is very much guided by the customer.  The workshops and home décor are influenced by the customer and tailored to their needs.  Unlike most home décor and furniture stores that already have their merchandise in place to choose from, RestorDecor will work with you whether you would like to purchase an item, service or DIY.  Additionally, I use environmentally friendly products like Caromal Colours paints and finishes–which are unique to the North Shore of Boston and surrounding areas and Paint du Coco.  The products are safe to use around children, pets and pregnant/nursing women. They are water based, economically friendly, made in the USA, and do not have an odor or fumes.

Let’s get together and make something your own!